Monday, January 31, 2011

UK, America and the Green Police (2 Video's)

Well I see by the papers that the UK is having a bit of a rough time over there concerning their rubbish bins.
Certain council's have introduced 5 rubbish bins for each household, I mean it just sounds ridiculous, but true. After the councils did this they started receiving complaints. The first day the council received 6,000 complaints, I'm surprised there wasn't more. There was an article about it all in Mail Online.

In another area there are 6 rubbish bins per household, and for some people without front yards this causes a lot of problems, where on earth are they going to put all the bins, well they seem to be scattered wherever people can find the room to put them. One lady who was trying to sell her home said all the rubbish bins have devalued her home, I can understand why, it looks like she is going to sue over it.
The story is in Mail Online, there is also a great picture in here of all the bins as well, and if you scroll down further there is a funny cartoon.

Now of course they want to fine people 1,000 pound for using the wrong bin, of course this is to keep the greenhouse gas emissions down, you always know if it involves money Climate Change will be front and center, that way it makes people feel good about handing out more money. A funny cartoon in this article as well.

Oh and let us not forget the microchips that some council's are putting in the rubbish bins so that they can keep track of how much you are throwing out.

And also in America.

If YouTube removes the above video you can watch it here:-
Yes even ads are starting to disappear now. If they don't want certain video's in blogs they should remove the embedding from that video.


malcfifty said...

Hi mags, Common sense doesn't seem to be all that common these days, does it?

Mags118 said...

Hi malc50,
I think common sense went out the door a few years back. I wonder when it's going to be our turn for all this "rubbish" here in OZ.