Sunday, May 29, 2011

Marriage Proposal gone wrong in Food Court (Video)

First we had the "Best Marriage Proposal Ever" and now we have a marriage proposal that has gone wrong, how embarrassing this must have been.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Australia's PM Using The UK As An Example For A Carbon Tax.

The Labor Government is now using what is happening over in the UK as an excuse for everyone in OZ to get behind the carbon tax. But over in the UK they have got their own problems as well, why aren't we hearing about this. As far as Julia and her Government are concerned the people of Australia need only know what they would like us to hear.

In the UK in May there was a Cabinet row over the UK's climate targets. There were Ministers worried about the competitiveness of the British industry (sound familiar), basically the same arguments we are now experiencing here in OZ. But what Julia and her Government is not telling us, is that the UK built-in a secured get-out clause, so that if the rest of Europe does not follow they can easily turn the clock back.

But ministers worried about the impact on the economy and burdens on industry have secured a get-out clause.
The targets will be reviewed if European nations backslide on their own climate commitments.
BBC News UK.

Of course I'm sure the Labor Government would not even contemplate doing anything as realistic as the above, as it would make it too easy for the Liberal Party to put a stop to the carbon tax altogether, and I have a feeling that the Labor Party are going to make this very, very hard to do. It just seems like all the Labor Party is worried about is the politics not the people.

In other news from the UK, TATA the Indian steel giant in the UK has just cut 1500 jobs, this has been blamed on the environmental policies of the UK. I'm sure there will be more job loses as time goes on, is this what we can expect to happen to some of our industries here in OZ?

Karl-Ulrich Kohler, Tata Steel's head of Europe, blamed the cuts on the decline of the construction industry, but added that new EU environmental laws and planned British legislation had compounded the company's problems.
Read the full story in The Australian.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Every Year the Carbon Tax will Increase (Australia)

Well some of the truth on this carbon tax is finally starting to get in the papers. The Gillard Government has now confirmed what a lot of people already knew, that the carbon tax will increase every year. It really doesn't matter what price the carbon tax will start at, as it will be a different price the next year, and the year after that and so on. Some people may finally start to understand what this will mean.

As the price gets dearer for the carbon tax as we all know the price on electricity gets higher as well, this will then filter through down to everything that we buy, groceries, cloths anything and everything that is made with electricity.

1) Lets take a can of whatever. To make the can itself requires power, the price of the can has now became more expensive to make, the cost gets passed on to the consumer.
2) The ingredients for what is put into the can is also made from power so that cost has also gone up.
3) The cost of the label has also gone up for the same reason.
4) The can then gets transported to the warehouse, transport costs has also gone up with the carbon tax on petrol.
Don't forget that the warehouse itself is also paying more for electricity, so their costs also have been increased.
5) The can then gets transported to the supermarket, this costs more again. The Supermarket has paid for all the above increases on the can.
6) The supermarkets power bills has also increased, so they pass on not only the extra for all of the above, but the extra for their increases as well.

The consumer then decides to buy this can of whatever, the consumer can't get over how much the cost has increased, but really needs it, takes it to the checkout, and pays for it. But also what a lot of people are forgetting is the cost of the GST. If the item you buy costs more you are obviously paying more in GST at the end on your bill as well.

So apply the above for meat as well as it leaves the farm on its journey to the supermarket or butchers, or anything else. It is not only the power bills it is everything we buy. Most people would have noticed the difference already in their cost of living every time they go shopping since we have had the rises in power. The extra cost the Government keeps talking about is electricity only, nothing else is taken into consideration.

THE Gillard Government has confirmed there will be a "steady increase" in its carbon tax every year.
But it is giving no details on whether the compensation package it says will make some people "better off" will rise in step with the tax increases. Read the full story in the Herald Sun.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

"No Carbon Tax" Rally Brisbane 7th May (Pictures)

I went to the rally here in Brisbane yesterday, and I must say that I was a bit disappointed with the amount of people that was there. By the newspapers there was around 300 to 400 people that showed up. To be honest it didn't seem like that many, but it was a large area, and I am terrible at judging things like that.

I thought there would of been a lot more people seeing as how it was a Saturday. People I talk to are complaining about this Carbon Tax, complaining about it isn't going to do much good, we all have to stick together and do what we can to try and stop it. The small amount of people that showed up didn't really make it newsworthy at all I felt. Saying all that, it was very well organized, and the speakers were fantastic. Also 10 out 10 for all those people that made the effort to be at the rally.

There is an article about the Brisbane rally in the Courier Mail

Responding to a Newspoll survey in The Australian yesterday, which showed Labor's primary vote at 33 per cent and her own satisfaction rating at a new low of 38 per cent, Ms Gillard conceded she had "a lot of hard work to do as Prime Minister".
Mr Abbott - whose satisfaction rose six percentage points to 42 per cent in the past month as he campaigned against the carbon tax - said the "field evidence" was that people were concerned about the rising cost of living and the carbon tax
Read the full story in Courier Mail

A great speech by Jennifer Marohasy who has also written about the rally in her Blog

Someone decided to do a banner, the type the press love to down the "No Carbon Tax" rallies on.

But as you can see others were smarter and started covering the banner up. (Good on you guys)

If you look behind the stage, the banner is now completely covered. (Well Done)

There is also an article in the UK papers about Australia fighting against the Carbon Tax.

In Australia the carbon tax tabled by the Labor government is struggling to gain acceptance. Every week sees another industrial pressure group come out against the bill.
There have been demonstrations all over the country, led by "shock jock" radio broadcasters, focusing on the prime minister, Julia Gillard. Her poll ratings have dropped steadily since the bill was launched in February. Read the full story in

I had a great day at the rally, all the speeches were fantastic, and I got Hubby and myself  No Carbon Tax
 t-shirts, I talked to some really nice people, it was a good couple of hours.