Friday, August 26, 2011

Greens Want More Taxes (Australia)

Now that the Greens have the balance of power in the Senate, with all their other wacky ideas, they are talking about a wealth tax. For her maiden speech in Federal Parliament Senator Lee Rhiannon just couldn't help herself, she thinks redistribution of wealth will eliminate inequality. (Isn't that what the carbon tax is all about) This of course comes with the usual argument that this will help a lot of people. That's just what we need another tax to add to all the others. The Senator also said that she was proud of her Socialist Party background. Someone should inform the Senator that Communism failed, it does not work.

In her first speech to federal parliament, the NSW Greens senator said she was proud of her Socialist Party background, and accused her critics of cold war-style “McCarthyism”.
“Taxes on wealth, like an estate tax, and a sovereign wealth fund, are needed in Australia,” Senator Rhiannon said.
The Australian

This quote was said by Dr. Adrian Pierce Rogers in 1984.

You Cannot Multiply Wealth by Dividing It

You cannot legislate the poor into freedom by legislating the industrious out of it. You don’t multiply wealth by dividing it. Government cannot give anything to anybody that it doesn’t first take from somebody else. Whenever somebody receives something without working for it, somebody else has to work for it without receiving. The worst thing that can happen to a nation is for half of the people to get the idea they don’t have to work because somebody else will work for them, and the other half to get the idea that it does no good to work because they don’t get to enjoy the fruits of their labor.

It also seems that people have wiped out entries in Wikipedia of the Senators past. There was a very good article about this in the Punch, with exactly what was wiped out in Wikipedia.

systematically deleted her political history prior to 1990, by suppressing any version of the Wikipedia article which might be embarrassing to Senator Rhiannon. The Punch.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Convoy of No Confidence in Canberra (Video/Pictures)

First off I would like to Thank all those people that took part in the Convoy, you certainly have done Australia Proud, and Thank You for making the effort to get a message to Canberra that there are Millions of people that are not happy with a whole range of issues that this minority Government have done or about to do. Unfortunately I was one of the people that could not make it to Canberra, but I felt those in the Convoy were representing me as well.

Again Thank You, and what a fantastic effort, some people drove nearly 4,000klm to get that message there, all spent their own money for fuel, food etc on their way. Some of the smaller towns actually passed around the hat to donate what they could to try and help those in the Convoy with petrol. Not one journalist as far as I know even reported this, nor were there reports about all the people along the way, waving the Aussie flag, in support of the convoy as they passed. This is the true Aussie spirit, yet not one journalist thought it was worth reporting.

Thousands of cars that beeped as they passed the Convoy to show their support, none of this was mentioned. What is going on with our so called Journalists, what absolutely terrible coverage they did, they didn't even put any effort at all into covering the Convoy. I am completely disgusted with all the papers across Australia, this was History for OZ, and no one wanted to actually show how so many Aussies are upset with the present minority Government.

Most of the papers put a bad light on the Convoy, no more so than the Canberra Press, that for days only reported how much this Convoy was going to disturb the people of Canberra, and the comments in that paper were disgusting.

There were a lot of reports about there only being a couple of hundred trucks, well that also is not the case, the reason this was reported was because the AFP told Convoy organizers that they can only do the circle around Parliament House 2 Convoys at a time, these started as early as 5.30am. Again journalists did not do their homework before reporting. No one actually knows how many trucks were involved in the 11 Convoy's, no one actually knows how many car, utes, campervans, or caravans were involved.

From You Tube:-
Police escorted drivers out of EPIC showgrounds in Canberra and into Parliament. I was on the ground, attempting to capture the moment this nation is set to wake up to the unfolding human rights crisis in the bush brought about by governments with no concern for business, producers or people.

This is a photo of some of the first Convoy's to arrive in Canberra, which was on the Sunday. Yes there was a couple of Convoy's that arrived on Sunday, not all the Convoys arrived on Monday.

A COLLECTION of semi-trailers, motorhomes, 4WDs, cars and even a horse float will roll into Canberra today demanding a new

Seeing as the Convoy was escorted into Canberra only a couple at a time, depending on what time you were watching, it did seem like there wasn't many people at all. I would like to know who's idea it was that the Convoy be split up into sections, to make it seem like they wasn't a lot of cars, trucks etc. A lesson learned I feel, and I also feel it puts a terrible light onto our so called journalists.

At the rally on Monday the 22nd of August, journalist didn't report on the issues that mattered at all, they reported on the number of people, yet if you speak to anyone that was at the rally they will tell you there were still trucks, cars etc. going around Parliament House underneath them tooting horns, to let people know they were there, no where for them all to park, was this reported in the papers, NO.

Inside Parliament federal transport minister Anthony Albanese criticised the event.
“The convoy of no Consequence, Mr Speaker, the convoy of no consequence where a couple of hundred people gathered with no support from the mainstream organisations, the people who believe in one world government.”
Beef Central
You can watch an ABC video of this, and you can see and hear EVERY Labor person in Parliament laughing and clapping, absolutely disgusting behavior by our so called Ministers, this is what Labor thinks of every day Australians, I saw red when I saw this on TV, and I can only imagine the anger of others over what was said in Parliament by Labor that day.
There is a copy right on the video, but you can watch it Here.

Broadcaster Alan Jones said the smaller-than-expected crowd was because "thousands" of people had been blocked from attending the rally and that "hundreds" of trucks in the convoy had been stopped at the border as they tried to enter Canberra from New South Wales.

This has been denied by just about everybody, but take the time to listen to the Truck drivers that were there, and listen to exactly what did happen.
Alan Jones talks to truckies Peter Baker and Karsten Gephardt who took part in the Convoy of No Confidence yesterday. 2GB

A fantastic article in Quadrant Online please take the time to read it.

Matt and I both cried. After 4½ days of driving across Australia, hearing from every-day hard-working Australians about how difficult it is to just get on with producing, we had one hell of a welcome to Canberra yesterday morning!The Thompsons go to Canberra

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Convoy of No Confidence (Video's/Pictures)

                                    Go to Just Grounds Community for more information

The 11 Convoy's of No Confidence are well and truely on their way to Canberra.

Convoy passes through Ingham

Charters Towers showed great support for Convoy 2 (the colour pink), there were 10 mustering choppers in arrow formation at the head of 7klm of vehicles. Shops also showed there support with pink balloons and streamers, as well as the people that couldn't join the convoy, lining the streets, and waving Aussie flags. If you look closely at the video you will see the other choppers in the sky.

The escort of helicopters leading the Convoy into Charters Towers.

Convoy leaving Coonamble (convoy 2 colour pink)

Andrew Bolt Interviews Tony Abbott, and the Convoy of No Confidence is mentioned.

Convoy of No Confidence Song (Funny Video)

See more photo's in the Katherine Times Picture gallery.
Photo's in the Townsville Bulletin

Photo's of Charters Towers of convoy 2 the pink convoy here on facebook

The Convoy of No Confidence started as a truckies protest against the carbon tax but has grown into a mass assembly of people who feel they have lost their voice on issues from wasted tax money, asylum seekers, pink batts, imported fruit and the temporary ban on live exports. Cairns News.

More photo's in the news article from

Can this convoy drive democratic change?
"I think the government has been compromised by the fact that it's not governing in its own right," he added, referring to the Greens and independents who helped deliver minority government 12 months ago.

Convoy's 1-2-4-and 5 have arrived in Canberra
Tony Abbott joins Ken Wilkie in his truck for the last leg into Canberra

For those that are on twitter Mick and Peter are

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Saving The Planet (Funny Video)

Comedian George Carlin on saving the planet.

WARNING:-Some bad language in this video, but if you can overlook that it is rather funny.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Convoy Of No Confidence Song:- Australia (Funny Video)

As I type this the Convoy is on the move. The 11 Convoy's will all arrive in Canberra on the 22nd of  August. It is not too late to join if you would like to. All the information is here.

                                                      Click on picture for a lager view

Convoy of No Confindence Song

The Beginning and how the Convoy came to be.

The Australian flags on all the vehicles look fantastic, good on you guys, there are a lot of Aussies behind you as well that could not be with you on the Convoy.

DESPITE Council’s best efforts to manage the ‘Convoy of No Confidence’ as it passes through Goulburn on Sunday, it’s likely that the truckie revolt cannot be controlled. No one can say how many people and vehicles will join the convoy, because nobody actually knows. It’s an open-invitation protest against the Gillard Labor Government, and people are signing up in droves.
“It’s going to be big,” NRFA Treasurer and convoy coordinator Peter Whytcross told the Post. From the Goulburn Post

Seems the AFP is not going to allow the Convoy anywhere near Parliament House. I think they are finally beginning to realize just how big these 11 Convoy's will be when they all join together in Canberra. Good on you guys, this is Australian History you are all making, I hope more and more people will join as you pass through the various towns. Your message is out there, nearly every paper in the Country has written about The Convoy of No Confidence.

The Canberra Times has been told police plan to escort protest vehicles to Canberra Stadium from where the protesters will be taken by bus to Parliament House for a rally.
Protest vehicles will not be permitted to park in the Parliamentary Triangle.
Canberra Times.

I cetainly hope Canberra has a lot of buses. LOL.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Girl That Can Move Like a Snake (Dance Video)

This is absolutly amazing, it really blew me away when I watched it. Obviously she is double jointed everywhere.