Friday, July 22, 2011

Australia We Have A Convoy:- Destination Canberra (Updated)

The Convoy arrives in Canberra on the 22nd of August.

Mick Pattel is the organizer with the board members of NRFA, (National Road Freighters Association) for this progressive joining convoy - much support for this to take place as the frustration and no confidence in the Federal Government is reiterated over and over again.

There is movement in Australia, the word has passed around,
A bob tailed truck is leaving Katherine, NT Canberra bound.
Now the truck will bolt from his yards on the 17th of August 2011,
No doubt the mob will be joining him, on his journey down.
Click onto photo's for a larger view.

A progressive Convoy is what he has sent the message for far and wide,
The call will be answered without a moments hesitation from all who can drive.
So down your tools, put your leave notice in - for today we become part of Australian history together.

Click onto flyer above, print it out and pass it around, see if your local businesses will put it in their window, or the local pub/club up on the notice board, help to spread the word.

Feedback is positive, with many welcoming his proposal. It is time for action, its time for history in Australian Government to be reminded that the people are who they must listen to..

The Prime Minister told Laurie Oaks, "Democracy is not an opinion poll Laurie..."
Quite right Prime Minister, it is not. Democracy is a vote...


Fantastic funny video:- The Convoy of No Confidence Song check it out.

Make banners for your vehicles, to show your vote of no confidence - people want an election..

Check your tyres, oil and water, fuel up, and join in when it comes through your town...

At this stage, due to so many stating they will be driving their cars, utes, trucks et, the convoy will likely be split to criss cross the states on the way down to Canberra, allowing more people to see the power of grassroots people, and join in the Convoy.

Update:- There are now 11 Convoy's.

                                  Thanks to JoNova for doing the map. Click map for larger view.

A list of where the Convoy's will be leaving from can be found here.

For every vehicle, mode of transport in the Convoy, it is imperative that you have an identifiable symbol This is decided to be the AUSTRALIAN FLAG These can be purchased inexpensively at any discount bargain shop - and is highly appropriate - after all, this Convoy is for our much loved Australia.
Each Vehicle should as an option, put on banners of words, including, but not limited to
"Convoy of No Confidence".

Most will be 6.00am starts and ending at 5.00pm.
NRFA convoy leaders, are aware that many people are not used to driving at night, or are not experienced with long distance driving.
Therefore, this convoy is being responsible in the welfare and saftey of all those participating as much as humanly possible.

Rules of the Convoy
  • We need all participants to please check the below list.
  • Make sure your vehicles are road worthy and registered.
  • Make sure you carry food and water, and bedding.
  • Make sure you abide all traffic rules.
  • Make sure as the towns, and leaving times are announced, you allow yourself save driving time to join in.
  • Make sure that you have your banners, and Australian flag to identify yourself as part of the Convoy.
  • It is IMPERATIVE that all vehicles joining the convoy, behave in an orderly driving fashion.
  • It is IMPERATIVE that all vehicles stay behind the trucks leading the convoy.
  • Make sure that you leave room for normal traffic flows not participating, to be able to pass you safely on the road.
  • It is IMPERATIVE that people in the convoy listen to the two way radios - but do NOT join in for idol chatter on the truck frequency. Pre organize another channel with your mates to do this, in the interest of safety for all drivers on our roads.
All of the above from Just Grounds Community (check it out)
Please give all these people your support, if you cannot join in the Convoy, send out e-mails, post on facebook, pass the word around about this event so that others know about this as well.

A real nice surprise, the Convoy has been reported about in The Australian

The Convoy has also been mentioned in the Canberra Times.

There is an acticle about this event in Beef Central 
News article also in the Mudgee Guardian
News article also in Owner Driver
Now in Andrew Bolts blog and also The Punch


Windsmoke. said...

I'll pass on this one and wait for the result on the news tonight, that's if there's a report on it. :-).

Mags118 said...

Hi Windsmoke,
I would be very surprised if you see it on the news, they have only shown 2 No Carbon Tax Rally's so far and there have been dozens.

Once the convoy starts and people start joining in, they may not have a choice, they will have to air it (I hope) As you have seen I have so far found 3 news articles about the convoy, and I am hoping that a MSM will print something.

Thanks for passing this on, I am not on facebook or anything but I hope anyone that sees this will support all those people that are organizing this, as well as the people who are participating.

Tempo said...

This is just what we need, but more of it, more people standing on the steps of parliament houses all over the country

Mags118 said...

Hi Tempo,
It is exactly what is needed, up until now nobody in Canberra is taking any notice what the people of this Country want. One of the poles showed that just over 60% wanted an election.

I hope you will pass the word around Tempo, you never know who may be interested in joining the convoy, the more people that know about the event the better.

Whiskey Man said...

This is a fantastic idea!!! On another page that I viewed, there was talk of 25,000 people participating in your convoy. I would think it will be closer to 1 Million. The ground swell of discontent is huge. The silent majority are looking for a way to make their voice heard. May I make a couple suggestions? For those people who cannot join the convoy, they should adorn their vehicles with a flag on those 5-days bewteen 17 - 22 Aug, plus any other statement they wish to make. Those without cars should make their voice heard by carrying a flag on those same days. Point 2. Please use each Capital City as a distinct entry point for the convoy. I am in Adelaide. I will definitely join the convoy, and may even do so all the way to Canberra. I want a new election. There is no point in me making my voice heard to my Parliamentary representative, as he is Christopher Pyne, a Liberal. This is one time I wish my rep was Labor; just so I could make my voice heard at a local constituent level. GO THE AUSSIE SPIRIT!!!

Mags118 said...

Hi Whiskey Man,
You are spot on about the discontent, and the anger seems to be growing everyday.

You have come up with some great ideas, don't forget to keep on eye out for the times etc. the convoy will be passing through the different towns (link in blog) I'm glad to hear you will join the convoy, the more people that join the bigger the voice, I'm sure a lot of people would like to see a million people join in, maybe then this Government will listen to the people.

It would be great to see people greeting the convoy as it passed through their towns or city waving the Aussie flag, that would be the icing on the cake for these wonderful people that are organizing this convoy.

Thank You for taking the time to read my post and your comment.

John Bryce said...

Will be in Canberra for rally on 17 and back in Melbourne a few days later so can't make this one, will get and display a flag though.

Mags118 said...

Hi John,
Good luck with the rally on the 17th, from what I hear is should be great.

That would be great if you could display the flag, Thank You for your support. Thanks also for visiting and your comment.

Anonymous said...

Great idea and action plan.

A suggestion for a further step.

Many people do not fully appreciate the consequences of this tax, therefore if you could get them thinking about what happens after the tax is installed it would be to our countries benefit,

For example;

We have been told that the government is going to tax the evil polluters. With this tax they will compensate us. We can then make the environmental decision to save the compensation and deal with the non taxed environmentally friendly option.

This means that locally made products will be taxed whereas imports will not.

So when buying a car, locally made cars are bad as they are taxed, imported cars must be good as they are not taxed. What will this do to our local manufacturing industry?

And not just cars....

Mags118 said...

Hi Anon (2)
I have put in a post about the tax have a look at this post, with some explanation about the tax.

I also thought the convoy was a fantastic idea, and it will be criss-crossing the country, so anyone can show there support even if they can't join or be at Canberra on the 22nd, just crab a flag, and as they are going through near where you live be there and show all these people you support what they are doing.
Thanks for visiting and your comment.

Anonymous said...

I understand people's frustration and need to make the Government hear them. However, I do not understand and will never accept the country's apparent view that "Canberra" equals "Government". Not all of us who live here work in Government.

I fail to see how disrupting an entire city's population on their way to work is going to get your point across.

Mags118 said...

Hi Anonymous,
I would say that the reason Canberra is the destination is because Parliament is sitting, and that is where all the politicians are, if Parliament was sitting in another city then that would be the destination.

You would have to ask the organizers but I'd say that is the reason that Canberra is the destination. If you would like to ask the organizers anything the link is in my blog.

Anonymous said...

I am "For" carbon tax. Bring it on : Sincerely yours > Drunken Labor supporter :) Teehee..
Good on you guys , who are joining the rally and well done those who supported this anti carbon movement . Cheers.

Mags118 said...

Hi Anon,
I was very surprised to see the Convoy mentioned in The Australian this morning, I didn't think any main stream paper was going to cover it, The Convoy was also in the Canberra Times. I will put the links up in the blog.
Thanks for taking the time to comment. :)
Hope you sober up soon. LOL.

malcfifty said...

Hi Mags, To see what is reported in the north, please visit

Mags118 said...

Hi Mal,
A very nicely written article, it seems a bit strange there are only negative comments, most of the comments in other papers are more for than against.

Seems the AFP won't let the Convoy near Parliament House, and they are going to escort them to the Canberra Stadium, and supply busses, I couldn't help but laugh, an expected 10,000 vehicles, some of which have whole family's in them plus the dog, I mean I hope Canberra has enough busses. The Link to the article is in my post Convoy of No Confidence Song:-Australia (Funny Video)