Thursday, July 28, 2011

Czech President Vaclav Klaus:- National Press Club (Australia)

Czech President also interviewed on the Bolt Report.

via Andrew Bolt

A very good interview with the President on MTR Radio. The President talks about climate change, Europe, and the debt in America. Listen here.

What I find that is really embarrassing for Australia, is that our Prime Minister, Julia Gillard refused to meet the President of the Czech Republic Vaclav Klaus, why you might ask, I can only assume it is because he does not believe in man-made Climate Change. Sure the President was not here on an official visit but that is no excuse not to make a President of another Country feel welcome in Australia, I dread to think of what the people in the Czech Republic think about us.

Yet our PM did meet the former PM of Britain Tony Blair, he is a firm believer in man-made climate change? (When someone is getting paid just for this purpose it does make one wonder), it really does beggar belief. So if you don't agree with the same things as our PM and you happen to come to Australia you are going to be snubbed. What makes this even worse is Tony Blair is of course getting paid Millions to try to change people's and Governments minds on climate change.

The former prime minister will be paid at least £700,000 a year to act as a “strategic adviser” to Khosla Ventures, a venture capitalist firm founded by Indian billionaire Vinod Khosla. The Californian company bankrolls businesses hoping to profit from technology that helps reduce global warming and carbon emissions.
London Evening Standard.

There is a very good article written in the paper by Miranda Devine I feel it is well worth a read if you haven't already read this piece.

In a Sydney hotel on Monday night, Czech President Vaclav Klaus, an economist who fought against communism, was warning of the new threats to our freedom he recognises in the doctrine of global warming.

Almost simultaneously, in a Hobart casino, Greens Senator Christine Milne was unilaterally announcing, on ABC TV’s Q&A show, that the government would be conducting an inquiry into that section of the Australian media that she finds “extreme(ly) bias(ed) against action on climate change”. Miranda Devine


Windsmoke. said...

I agree with what President Vaclav Klaus said on the bolt report and our PM should be taken to task over not meeting him she leaves a lot to be desired sometimes. Of course big corporations are looking to profit from any climate change technology but at what cost to the little people of the world who in the end will have to pay dearly for it and end up with a very poor result :-).

Mags118 said...

Hi Windsmoke,
I do believe that the average person is going to lose big time, the costs are going to be horrendous, I'm sure over time people will see this happening as they have to pay out more and more, but I am afraid it will be too late by then.

I thought the President has done great interviews, he is a breath of fresh air, as far as I'm concerned, and from what I have heard other people say, they don't want him to leave.

I hope the people over in the Czech Republic realize the Australian people did not elect our current PM she was put into office by doing deals with the green party and independents and is holding office in a minority Government.