Saturday, July 2, 2011

Broncos Leagues Club Won't Allow Freedom of Speech

Lord Monckton (Climate Sceptic) had a venue booked at the Broncos here in Brisbane as part of his speaking tour in Australia. The Broncos have seen fit to cancel on Lord Monckton, the reasons given was that a number of members complained, and they were not happy with Lord Monckton calling Ross Garnaut a Nazi, Lord Monckton has apologized for saying this, in the newspapers as well as radio and TV, but it seems the club may have been fooled, GetUp seems to be involved in getting this shut down. Apparently it was on GetUp web site, since taken down, so that really does speak volumes I feel.

Screen shot of the now deleted item from GetUp. More screen shots here.
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It is hard to believe a club like this will not allow Freedom of Speech, and I certainly hope any members will let it be known that we are supposed to be a Democracy here in OZ. How gullible are these people that are supposed to be in charge of this club, they really should feel ashamed, and I certainly hope they lose a lot of members over this.
It is certainly not a club that I would want to associate with anymore, and I will not be going back there, and I have e-mailed and phoned to let them know exactly how I feel.

If you would like to let the club know how you feel, you can e-mail the club at or you can ring the Broncos Leagues Club Venue Feedback Ph: (07) 3858 9003

Leon Byner speaks to Lord Monckton about the Federal Governments proposed carbon tax and its impact on all Australians

Tickets had already been sold through ticketek to a lot of people, so it was already to go, fully organized, before the club decided against it. It is a scary thought to know that hard left activists can shut down a venue just like that, and even scarier to know that the people from the Broncos allowed it. What is happening to our Country?
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  • The Age has also written an article but of course no mention of GetUp here for obvious reasons.
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From Stop Gillard's Carbon Tax
Selective Free Speech on Display at the Broncos
In the Middle Ages they would have burned him. In the 1930’s they would be content with burning his books. Today they are content withdrawing their venues preventing him from speaking. What wonderful progress we are making.Read more here.

It seems a lot of people know GetUp was behind it all except the Bronco's, they are in damage control.
Michael Smith interviews the General Manager of Bronco's.

The Australian Government is now offering $250,000 to any organizations that can convince the public we need a carbon tax. Known as a Climate Change Grant Program.
Tim Blair

It does seem like the warmists are running scared, why are they so afraid of people hearing the other side of the debate on climate change? Could it have something to do with all the money that is involved, after all we are talking about just under $12 Billion paid to the Government in the first year of the carbon tax.


Windsmoke. said...

The warmists as you say don't want anybody else to hear the other side of the debate because its probably true there is no climate change caused by us humans only the planet going through its normal cycle of climate change, $12 billion is a very big incentive to cover up the truth :-).

Mags118 said...

Hi Windsmoke,
It is a lot of money all coming from the tax payer. :(