Saturday, May 28, 2011

Australia's PM Using The UK As An Example For A Carbon Tax.

The Labor Government is now using what is happening over in the UK as an excuse for everyone in OZ to get behind the carbon tax. But over in the UK they have got their own problems as well, why aren't we hearing about this. As far as Julia and her Government are concerned the people of Australia need only know what they would like us to hear.

In the UK in May there was a Cabinet row over the UK's climate targets. There were Ministers worried about the competitiveness of the British industry (sound familiar), basically the same arguments we are now experiencing here in OZ. But what Julia and her Government is not telling us, is that the UK built-in a secured get-out clause, so that if the rest of Europe does not follow they can easily turn the clock back.

But ministers worried about the impact on the economy and burdens on industry have secured a get-out clause.
The targets will be reviewed if European nations backslide on their own climate commitments.
BBC News UK.

Of course I'm sure the Labor Government would not even contemplate doing anything as realistic as the above, as it would make it too easy for the Liberal Party to put a stop to the carbon tax altogether, and I have a feeling that the Labor Party are going to make this very, very hard to do. It just seems like all the Labor Party is worried about is the politics not the people.

In other news from the UK, TATA the Indian steel giant in the UK has just cut 1500 jobs, this has been blamed on the environmental policies of the UK. I'm sure there will be more job loses as time goes on, is this what we can expect to happen to some of our industries here in OZ?

Karl-Ulrich Kohler, Tata Steel's head of Europe, blamed the cuts on the decline of the construction industry, but added that new EU environmental laws and planned British legislation had compounded the company's problems.
Read the full story in The Australian.


Starry said...

I'm thinking I'd love to go back in time to the 60s (wasn't born yet though) or the 70s.... far less anxiety about the environment, I could buy a house, and walk my dog without having to poop scoop.

Mags118 said...

Hi Starry,
It really was a different life back then we seemed to have a more freer lifestyle. You are so right about the poop scoop, these days you take the dog for a walk, you have to make sure you have your little black plastic bags with you, or a fine you will get.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure there is a lot that the Government are not telling us about. The most important thing for them is getting the money, so they can start paying off the huge debt they created with all the money that they literally flushed down the toilet.

Mags118 said...

Hi Sue,
I agree, a lot of wasted money, now they have to start paying it all back.
1. All the money Rudd handed out.
2. The millions wasted on grocery watch.
3. The same for fuel watch, which also didn't work.
4. The BER program $16 Billion on that one, and on and on it goes.
5. Pink Bats, which we are still paying for to fix up the mistakes.
6. The green loan scheme which has been scrapped.
The list is very, very long. The easiest way to pay the money back is create a new tax, they are estimating around $10Billion Dollars the first year of the carbon tax that is based on $26 a ton. That money is of course coming out of yours, mine and everyone else's pocket.