Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Is Your ISP Ready For The New IPv6?

For those that are not sure what IPv6 is, I wrote about it in my blog not that long ago
 (see here).
It was World IPv6 day on the 8th June, when there was a trail run of IPv6 around the world, this turned out to be very successful and over a period of time web sites will start to switch over to IPv6. At the moment we are on IPv4.

Some web sites have already switched over, if your ISP has not got the new IPv6 function you will not be able to view these web sites. You can test to see if you have this function, link below. I'm in Australia and most of our ISP's do not have this function at all, my ISP is with Telstra Bigpond, and I do not have the new IPv6 function, some others in Australia that don't have this is, Optus, iiNet, and believe it or not the new NBN, the list goes on. For the full list of Australia's ISP's that do support or don't support the new IPv6 have a look here in Computerworld.

For those that would like to do the test to check, they have a test site on the
Internet Society web page, I did this test and it took about 30secs, of course it came back 0 support.


Windsmoke. said...

Ran the test for ipv6 and have the same result as you a big fat zero. It' looks like we'll have to deal with this situation when it arises, as usual at the last moment :-).

Mags118 said...

Hi Windsmoke,
I find it amazing that most of the big ISP company's don't have this function up and running, what surprised me even more was "the technology" that the government has been raving on about in our NBN here in OZ also does not have this technology, that will all have to have soon.

Tempo said...

I guess I'm a bit behind,I hadn't even heard of it. But living in Australia and having 'Bloody Telstra' (official name) as a carrier I wont be allowed to know about it for another 6 years or so..

Mags118 said...

Hi Tempo,
I know exactly what you mean Tempo, for a company that is supposed to be "amongst the best" it is useless, it can't even manage to run a simple "very simple" blog without problems, you just have to laugh, the whole thing is ridiculous, especially as some web sites have already made the switch to IPv6.

The best us customers of Telstra can hope for is that they get their act together soon, it wouldn't surprise me if we end up having to get new modems as well, such is life here in OZ.