Sunday, February 13, 2011

Can Australia Afford Asylum-Seekers?

The Gillard government's immigration budget will blow out by $1.9 billion over the next four years, despite a $290 million boost to funding today, the Coalition claims.
Special Minister of State Gary Gray yesterday announced that the funding for irregular maritime arrivals would be boosted from $471m for 2010-11.

 "The Department of Immigration and Citizenship will receive $290m in supplementary funding for operational costs associated with the management of offshore asylum-seekers," Mr Gray said.
It brings the total budget this year for offshore asylum-seeker management to $761m, $457m more than last year's original budgeted $304m.

Mr Morrison said Mr Bowen needed to immediately move to overhaul budget processes due to the continuing large number of arrivals. The Australian

This is just getting ridiculous now, how on earth are the taxpayers of Australia going to pay for all this. We are after all a Country of only 22million, I'm not sure on the number of workers. No wonder the Government wants to bring in a flood tax levy, carbon tax, miners tax, and who else knows what new taxes they are trying to think up.

The number of boat arrivals under the Labor Government 10,016 and 3,464 since PM Gillard took office.
That number alone should send shock waves through the Government, and this is still growing. I really think something has to be done, if Australia cannot afford to even fix up infrastructure that was destroyed by the floods, how on earth can we keep on putting money into all the arrivals by boats? $1.9 billion over the next four years, that's the blow out figure, that is beyond a joke.


Tempo said...

Australia has always preferred immigrants from England and Europe, not just because of skin colour but more importantly because they came here with skills and trades which helped build this country. These new illegals come here with nothing more than a chip on their shoulder and a bad attitude toward us infidels.

Mags118 said...

Hi Tempo,
I think a lot of the exta money goes toward the boat people mainly because they don't have work skills, this of course then becomes an issue with welfare. I feel we just can't afford to keep this up.

There are thousands of people waiting to come to Australia, through the front door so to speak, and a lot of these people do have a skill that I'm sure would be of great benefit to OZ, but they keep getting pushed back down the line as more boat people arrive, this I feel is wrong.

The people that have been waiting in other detention centers should have first priority.

Windsmoke. said...

Asylum Seekers arrive in Australia still carrying the hatred from their country of origin, then commit violent acts against the Australian people because they really don't like our lifestyle in the first place because it's opposite to their religious and cultural belief's. These so called Asylum Seekers know to well what the lifestyle is like in Australia as they wouldn't seek asylum here otherwise, on top of that these Asylum Seekers have no work skills to benefit Australia.

Mags118 said...

Hi Windsmoke,
Yes they know what the Australian lifestyle is like, as was on the ABC a few months back when they interviewed an Asylum Seeker, he said they knew it was easier to get into Austrlia now, and that they would be able to get a place to live, and have free medical. It was a really good interview I thought, I tried to find it on the net but I can't remember which show it was on.

Red Nomad OZ said...

Lets not confuse asylum seekers, illegal immigrants and refugees. These are three different categories, and ANY of those categories can be 'boat people'.

Mags118 said...

Personally I feel if the boat people can afford around $5,000 to $10,000 US dollars each to get on a boat, they are not genuine refugees, but it certainly is making the smuggler a lot of money, it's really big business. Another thing I am really against is setting these people up in Motels. The money spent on the boat people is ridiculous. Yet since the laws have been relaxed there has been over 200 people drowned, but nobody seems to care about that either, this whole situation has got out of hand.

Why is it that everyone seems to focus on the boat people but nobody seems to care about the people that have waited years to get into OZ through the front door. For every boat person, someone gets pushed back down the line, these people are living in tents in refugee camps in different Countries, they wouldn't know what $5,000 or $10,000 US dollars would even like look, why is it that we are spending our money on boat people but no one cares or are even discussing the people in refugee camps? Personally I feel this extra $1.9 Billion is a ridiculous amount of taxpayers money, and as I said if we cannot even help the flood, cyclone victims in our own Country without whacking on a levy, then we can't afford to spend that sort of money on boat people that seem to have plenty of money of their own.